All of the Legalcluster publications are available to all our members, so you can explore freely! Discover our ever-growing database of articles written by the true experts in the legal domain and every subject connected to it, and contribute to it yourself!

1. Searching for publications

There are several easy ways to access the publications:

  • First sneak-peek is conveniently placed right before your eyes after you log in - at the bottom of the home page: the "Latest publications" section.                      

It helps you stay up to date with what's going on in the legal world. If something there catches your eye, you can access the full text by clicking 'Read more' right below its description. That section also allows you to access all publications, see your own articles or write something new, by using the buttons at your disposal.

You can of course go beyond the suggestions we give and embark on your own adventure

  • An easy way to do so is accessing our article database from the main page - below the links to three of the latest articles, you'll find the 'More publications' button.

  • Another way is to choose 'Publications' from the menu at the top of the page. Both buttons will send you right to our Legalscluster archives. If you want to look through all publications, just scroll the page - everything that was published is here, from newest to oldest.

If you'd like to conduct a more detailed search, just use the search bar titled 'Find a publication' on the "Publications" page. It appears right above the list of articles. You can put in whatever you want: a key word (i.e. GDPR if you want to read about the new consumer data privacy regulations in the EU), an author's name, a name of the country the article should refer to... The options are close to unlimited. 

2. The article itself

A few things worth noticing when you enter the article page: 

  • First, if the author has obtained a Legalscore badge, if yes it will be displayed here by their profile picture.

  • Second, at the end of the text you may find some basic information about the author - like their company or areas of expertise. If you want to learn more about them, you can access their profile by choosing the 'View profile' button.

  • Third, at the very end of the page you can find our recommendations for your next reads. We're constantly working on improving these suggestions to support your professional growth!

And finally, last but not least, if you'd like to show your appreciation of the text and its author, you can share it on social media - Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, using the panel on the left side of the article. 

Share article will look something like that as a social media post:

In case of any additional questions, don't hesitate to use the chat box in the bottom right corner of the page to contact our Support Team!

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