Legalscore is a tool designed for the legal professionals using our portal. It is an evaluation system in which your clients, colleagues and business partners can, per your request, provide certified assessments of your work on shared projects. 

Submitting an assessment is an open option, accessible to everyone.
However, requesting a review is a paid feature only available to users with premium accounts.

Its structure is based on three criteria: legal expertise, interpersonal skills and pricing.
By sending out your first request for Legalscore, or by submitting your first Legalscore, you enter the trust economy in the legal world!

How does Legalscore work? 

When someone receives evaluations, that fact is noted in their profile – right at the top, just below their introduction. Everyone can see the number of assessments each user received. They also get a badge to prove their excellent skills. There are four colors of badges – it starts with white, then goes through bronze, silver and up to the highest level: the gold badge.
(White badges are given to everyone, who received evaluations).

Each legal expert gets a separate badge for every criterion, and a badge for their global Legalscore – the latter is calculated from all three separate scores.
For example: if someone got gold badges in legal expertise and interpersonal skills, but a white badge in pricing, their global Legalscore will probably include a silver or bronze badge.
Badges bronze, silver, and gold require higher and higher scores, respectively. 

The individual badges will appear on your profile (under you introduction). You can see a more detailed list of all the technical and interpersonal skills that were evaluated, when you click on the 'Show more' button, as well as an evaluation of your tarification.

Legal expert's global Legalscore badge is visible to everyone in a lot of different contexts. For instance, if they write an article, the badge will be presented with their name and picture, like a stamp of quality of their words!  Badges bronze and higher also appear in the Global Directory of experts when you research an expert in a specific field.

What can you gain with Legalscore? 

For those requesting a Legalscore: it is a simple and efficient method to strengthen your reputation by using the expertise of professionals from your network. By requesting a review from your former or current partners and clients, and obtaining high evaluations, you let other Legalcluster users, potentially interested in your services, know that you’re skilled, trustworthy and a true expert in your relevant fields.
Legalscore lets you highlight your biggest assets, not limited to specific legal knowledge, but also including your soft skills and billing policy. Indeed, after receiving an evaluation you will get a badge proving your excellent skills.

For those submitting a Legalscore: it creates a better working environment for anyone who has to deal with legal functions in any way.  Indeed, submitting a truthful Legalscore helps build up the reputation of those legal professionals who really deserve praise. By reviewing per request, you give a score to a legal expert and the better the score the higher the position when researched - so you can choose the best partners for future projects.

At Legalcluster we believe that there’s no better sign of quality than recommendations from true experts and this belief is put into action by Legalscore.

If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team (using the chat box in the bottom right corner of the page). We'll be happy to help you!

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