As a business professional, you surely have many business partners - both from the legal domain and from other specialties. One of our key features, Legalscore lets our users request and submit precise evaluations, but it only applies to legal professionals. So how can you showcase your important relationships outside the legal domain?

It's precisely what the Endorsement feature is about! It's available to all of our premium users, no matter what their role or job description is. Now everyone can enter the trust economy with only one click!

Endorsing is beneficial for everyone - the person you endorsed, but also you and everyone on Legalcluster. It helps: 

  • build the professional reputation of your business partners, 
  • boosts your visibility (after all, your name ends up in profiles of great specialists) 
  • and also helps all our users find collaborators for their next projects - they can use the recommendations to make the best possible choice.

It's a feature we added to help you show appreciation for your trustworthy business partners and build your professional relations. So, if someone is highly skilled and reliable, just endorse them! And here is how you do that :

How can you endorse someone?

It's very simple. Go to the profile of the professional you wish to vouch for (by using the search bar on the top left of the page). Right above their introduction you'll see the "Endorse" button. 

Just click it, confirm your decision and you'll see the button change color and message. It now states: "Endorsed by you"

NOTE: You can always undo the endorsement, by clicking on the three dots next to the given specialist profile picture, and choosing "Un-endorse" from the list.

After you endorsed someone, they will receive a notification about it with a suggestion to return the favor and endorse you back (through their little bell near their picture on the top right side).
That goes both ways - everytime someone endorses you, you'll be notified and asked if you wish to recommend them too. 

The endorsement profile section

All of your (or any other premium user's) endorsements, both given and received, can be seen in a dedicated section of the personal profile. You'll find it right below the introduction and it looks something like this:

Note that after endorsing someone, you may need to refresh the page to see your name appear in their "Endorsed by" section. 

NOTE: the two lists - "Has endorsed" and "Endorsed by" may differ - it all depends on who you and other Legalcluster members decide to recommend.

You're free to endorse anyone - both premium and standard users. If it's someone who doesn't have a premium account, their name will appear in your "Has endorsed" section. However, it won't be visible in their profile, since they won't have access to that section in their profile (they can, however, view endorsements of all the premium members).

In case of any additional questions don't hesitate to use the chat box in the bottom right corner of the page to contact our Support Team!

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