The law is alive, evolving, and its heart lies in the written word. That's why it has a very special place at Legalcluster. Thus, we invite and encourage all of our users to publish their opinions and share their expertise in their respectful areas. So make sure to read the publications of others to benefit from their expertise and get inspired to write yours! And it doesn't only include the legal professionals - we highly value viewpoints of all our partners. So, whatever your role in your company, everyone at Legalcluster can learn something new from your experience and your unique perspective on the legal world. So get to writing, everyone at Legalcluster is waiting to hear your voice. And it's easy to start!  

1. How to get started!

  • At the bottom of the homepage just click on "write a publication" and you're ready to go!

  • You can also find the option in the menu on the left side of your homepage - it's the second link in the "Boost your profile" section. 

NOTE: becoming an active member of Legalcluster by frequently publishing high-quality articles is a simple way to boost your visibility and strengthen your reputation! The more valuable publications you share, the easier it is for other experts to find you and trust your knowledge and experience!

2. Create an article:

Let's include a few tips on how to make your publication clear and eye-catching.

Title and first sentences
Remember that what all the users will see at first is the title and first few sentences - make sure they're short and on point, so that everyone can easily understand what the topic is.

To gain more views and attention, you can also add a picture, that will serve as a "cover" for your article - it will usually appear behind the title of your publication, or, in the database, right next to it. Make sure it's relevant to your topic, but also in some way original. You can leave that task till the end - often it's easier to see what visual will fit after the article is ready!
You can upload a picture from your device by clicking on the camera icon above the text editor space. 

Don't worry, if it doesn't look perfect in the draft - even big pictures will look quite good after publishing - you can of course check if your picture fits perfectly by looking at the preview ('save and preview' button). 

Our text editor offers you all the options you may need - just select the part of the text you wish to format (by right clicking at the beginning of it and, keeping the right click active, highlighting till the end of the text you wish to edit).

  • Formatting options start with the classics: bold, italics and underline (at the bottom of the typing section). The arrows lets you choose between two types of font. NOTE: You can use both in the same article, if you want some parts to stand out.

  • We offer you three styles of headings and subheadings, so that you can divide your article in clear parts. You can also add a bullet points list or a numeric list. 

  • You can also mark the parts of your text where you quote someone else - just activate the option by clicking on the quotation marks - when you're finished with your quote, press enter to mark the end of you paragraph and disable the option by clicking again on its icon. 

You can see all the options below the writing space.

3. Publish your masterpiece

You can choose to publish your article right away - just click the "Publish" button, and everyone on Legalcluster will be able to read it! Congratulations!

You can also choose to keep it as a draft if it's not ready. Just click "Save and preview" and your article will be saved for future editing, but not published just yet. 

You'll be able to access it by entering the 'My publication' page from the publication section of the homepage.
There you can see all your publications, edit, delete them and choose if they are visible to other Legalcluster users. Just click on the three dots in the top right corner of a given publication.

  • The first option is the slider that publishes or hides your article. If the text hasn't been published yet, the option you'll see as active will be 'no'. When your article is finished, click to change it to YES, to indicate the text is ready to be published. Your article will instantly become visible to all Legalcluster users.

  • You can also share it on social media in the exact same way you'd share other experts' articles!

  • You can reverse that action at any moment.

  • If you chose 'published: NO', your work will be saved as a draft.

You can access all of your blog posts - both published and not - by clicking "My publications" at the bottom of the main page.

Three of your most recent publications will be visible to all users with an access to your profile in the corresponding section of it, right under the Introduction. It'll look something like this: 

In conclusion: all your articles as well as those of the other experts will be visible on the "Publications" page. Moreover, if a given firm has its own Legalcluster company profile, all articles of its members can be found there too!

In case of any additional questions, don't hesitate to use the chat box in the bottom right corner of the page to contact our Support Team!

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