The three main features relating to this topic are: adding the people you know to your cluster, finding new experts in the Legalcluster database, and defining your relationship with a given person (who doesn't need to be a part of your cluster).
We'll quickly walk trough those three. 

Adding your contacts to your Legalcluster network

First step is, of course, inviting the people you already know and worked with to join your cluster. 

1. Finding your existing contacts on Legalcluster

You can check if a given person is on Legalcluster in two ways:  

  • by typing their name in the search bar on the top of the main page when you're logged in. 
  • by entering the Global Network of all our experts. You can do it by choosing 'Global network' from the 'Browse' section of the left-side menu on the main page after logging in.
  • You can type their name in the search bar ('find a member'). 
  • You can also use filters on the left side of the directory page. In researching your existing contacts probably the most useful filter will be 'Company'. 

NOTE: To use a filter, just click on its title and check all the relevant boxes on the list that appears below. Results will be automatically generated. If using one filter isn't enough to quickly find the right person, you can just repeat the process with another label - then both filters will apply at once. Repeat the process with as many filters as you'll like !
To clear all the filters (and start a search from scratch) just click 'Reset' situated at the top of all the filters. 

Pro tip: the search bar and filters are also present on the My network page (home page > "Your network" in the browse section on the left). It's something we included to help you navigate your network when it grows - there you can browse through profiles of experts you're already connected with!

  • by looking through Legalcluster company profiles. You can access the list from the navigation bar at the left of the home page by clicking "companies and organization" in the "Browse" section. 

Now that you have successfully found them, let's add them to your legalcluster. Here is how: 

2. Adding your existing contact to your network

  • To add someone to your cluster, just click 'add to my Legalcluster' button (under their picture on their profil).
  • After your invitation has been successfully sent, you'll see that it's now pending.
  • After the person you invited accepts you as their connection, that button will disappear. Instead, you'll see three dots next to the profile picture of every person in your network. When you click on them, you'll see an option to remove them from your cluster.

NOTE: you can see all of the invitations sent to you by other users, that are still waiting for your response on the notifications page. You can access it by clicking on the bell icon in the menu on the top of the page.

You can decide to accept or decline invitations there. 

By clicking "See pending invitations" in the "Your network" section (located at the top of the main page) you can also see the list of invitations waiting for a response, sent by you to other users. That includes both the invitation to your cluster and an e-mail invitation to join the platform.

You can also send reminders and renew your invitation, if it didn't get a response yet. 

3. Inviting people to join Legalcluster

There's also a possibility that your business partners or clients are not yet on Legalcluster. But not to worry, that can be easily changed with a quick email invitation!

  • From the main page after logging in, just choose 'Invite new users' in the left-side menu, in the "Boost your profil section". 
  • From the "My Network" page: click on "Your network" just click 'Invite to my Network' (on the top banner) and you'll see the invitation form. 

In the invitation form, you need only need to provide :

  • Their email address. 
  • You can also personalize the invitation by adding a few welcoming words from yourself.

Find new partners and clients in the Legalcluster community via Global Directory

But of course there's more to Legalcluster than connecting with people that you already know! 

If you're looking for an expert, go to 'Global Directory':

  • From the home page : by clicking "global network" on the left-side menu on the main page in the browse section.
  • From the "My network" page: by clicking "Access global directory" on the top right. 

Then, using the filters on the left side, choose who you are looking for! 

By clicking on the filter title, you'll access a list of options - choose the ones you're interested in, and the results will load automatically. You can check as many boxes as you like, and pick as many filters as you need to find the perfect expert! You can choose what should be their expertise, specialties, what business sector they work in, what company they are associated with and what is their function there. You can even select the expert by languages that they speak!

NOTE: all of your search results appear in a specific order: according to the Legalscore obtained by each expert (learn more about how to request and submit a Legalscore). Each result list is composed of profiles that fulfill the requirements you defined with filters, in order of their score status - first people who earned gold, silver, bronze and white badges, finishing with experts who have not yet received any Legalscore submissions. 

Resest all your filters to start blank by clicking the "Reset" button.

You can also use our  Expertise Pages ("expertise" in the browse section of the home page or "expertise" on the top banner anywhere).
Just choose the area you need an expert in and you'll see a list of all the Legalcluster members and firms who specialize in that domain. You can also use filters to additionally limit the results.

Defining relationships

Another Legalcluster feature worth mentioning is the option to add predefined Business tags (paid element, available for users with premium accounts). When you access someone's personal profile, you can click on the 'business tags' link above their picture and define the type of relationship you have with them - are they a part of your team? your client? your business partner? You can add profiles to different categories.

NOTE: a given person doesn't need to be a part of your cluster for you to be able to define your relationship!

You can see the composition of your business tags in the 'My relations' filter in the Global Directory (choose 'Search on Legalcluster' button on the homepage) and on the My Network page (navigation bar at the top of your screen).

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