Legalscore is a tool designed for the legal professionals using our portal – only those users can submit a request! The request for a review is a very useful feature only available to users with premium accounts.
Make sure to check out our user guide on Legalscore to fully comprehend the scope of this feature.

To receive a Legalscore you need to send a request to your partners or clients via email. If they're not members of the Legalcluster community, they will need to create an account at the end of the evaluation process.

To access the request form, click “Ask for a review” after you log in. If you're a legal expert, you can find it on the left side right below your picture and basic information. 

You’ll be redirected to the page where you can fill in the project details. 

Creating a case

1. Describe a matter

  • Matter Designation: Provide a case name, that will be clear to your evaluators and won’t leave them in doubts about which project you’re referring to.  

  • Matter description: This field is not mandatory, but we recommend writing a short description of the case and your tasks related to it. It’s especially handy, when you submit a request for some of your older projects. Your evaluators will be able to provide more accurate scores, if you help them remember all the details of your work on shared cases. 

NOTE: Use a few short sentences or bullet points to jog their memory and highlight your professionalism! 

  • Project dates: To complete the information about your project, choose the starting and ending date from the provided calendar (you can access it by clicking on the small calendar icon). 

NOTE: you can add a future ending date, if the project is still ongoing. If that’s the case, add also a short comment about the phase the case is now in.  

  • Geography: List all the countries that the project took place in or that are concerned in any other way. You can select the countries from the list by clicking on the corresponding blank field or start typing them in yourself. 

NOTE: We’re developing a feature that will show other users in which countries you worked in the most and with greatest successes so that the description of your professional legal expertise is even more precise! 

2. Select your expertise

  • Legal expertise: Choose at least one area of expertise 

NOTE: you must first COMPLETE your profile with your area of legal expertise before requesting a review! 

You can choose up to three areas of expertise (add the second and the third one by clicking the “add an area of expertise” button) and any number of specialties that you want to be evaluated in (you can only add specialties that you included within your profile).
Another important detail: your colleagues won’t rate you in your area of expertise as a whole – they will give you scores in all the specialties that you listed, and your “Legal expertise” score will be calculated from their assessments of those individual specialties – so choose them carefully! 

  • Interpersonal skills: You can pick up to five interpersonal skills to be evaluated granted that you provided them in your profile. You also can’t leave this field empty – at least one soft skill must be submitted for evaluation, so that your global Legalscore can be calculated. Choose your strongest assets! 

3. Select your jury  

The only thing left to do is to choose your evaluators!
It can be your colleagues, business partners, clients or other people who you cooperated with on the case. You must choose between 1 and 3 people to make their assessments. 

Provide their email address and name. You can also write down what company they work in.
If you don’t want to receive more scores, you can leave the other sections ("Assessor 2" and "Assessor 3") blank. Remember, however, that sending the same case to the maximum of three people means three evaluations, maximizing your chances to a favorable submission, whereas sending it to one person gives you only one chance! 

When you’re done with providing your evaluators information, tick the box “I declare that I had the privilege to work with …. on this project” to confirm that all the information you provided are consistent with the truth. Then send the request!

What happens next 

The people you selected to evaluate you will receive a personalized email informing them that it’s you who asked for their opinion and a link to the evaluation form.
They will need to log in on Legalcluster (or register if they don't have an account) in order for their answers to be properly verified

Once they have submitted their evaluation, it will be noted in your profile! If they add a comment, public or private, you'll receive an email informing you of such comment.

Finally, once you've received an evaluation, that fact will be noted in your profile – right at the top, just below your introduction. Everyone will see the number of assessments you received. You'll also get a global and individual badges to prove your excellent skills, as detailed here

If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team using the chat box in the bottom right corner of the page. We'll be happy to help you!

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