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How to submit an evaluation ?

Remember, you can only submit one evaluation per each request you received. At the end of the evaluation process you'll also be asked to confirm your identity by logging into your Legalcluster account (or create one if you haven't already).
4 easy steps to help build the trust economy in the legal world. 

1. Identification 

At the top of the page you’ll see the case name and then a welcome message, identifying both the person requesting your evaluation and you (“you are identified as” box). If something is wrong with your informations you can update them by clicking the “Edit these details” button – it will redirect you to the main page where you can edit your profile.  

2. Project description 

If the person you’re evaluating provided a summary, you’ll find a short description of the project your assessment should refer to. 

3. Evaluation 

You can judge your partner's legal expertise and interpersonal skills on all the dimensions that they chose for this project. The scope of evaluation can't be changed.
You have to score every specialization and skill by positioning the slider on a scale between "disappointing", "satisfactory" and "excellent" level. 

You can do it two ways: 

  • by  clicking on the dot at the beginning of the slider and dragging it further along the line to a point that in your opinion reflects the assessed person's skill level, 
  • by simply clicking on the point in the line where you wish to have your scoring placed - the slider will fill the space automatically.

The domains in assessing pricing are predefined by the Legalcluster scoring system and must be assessed in the exact same way as other aspects.

4. Personal note and public comment 

You can use the comment boxes to add anything else. Those sections are not mandatory. For the moment there are two different settings of visibility of your additional remarks. 

  • Personal note - its content will only accessible to the evaluated legal expert, who will also see that you're the author of it.
  • Public comment - something you'd like to share with everyone visiting the profile of the evaluated legal expert. Submitted comments will show at the bottom of their profile, under the information about experience and education. Remember, that for public comment to be visible, you need to have a Legalcluster profile of your own. Your name, function and profile picture will be displayed with your comment.

After making sure that you filled out the form properly, the only thing left to do is checking the "I certify that I have worked with ... on this project" box to confirm that all the data  consistent with the truth. Then click "continue".

NOTE: Remember that you have to be a member of Legalcluster and log into your account to submit the evaluation. It's a process we include to ensure the credibility of all evaluations.

After logging in you'll be notified by message that your evaluation has been successfully sent. 

If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team using the chat box in the bottom right corner of the page. We'll be happy to help you!

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