Why it's important to fully complete your profile 

Give a full and adequate information about yourself in your profile. A broad, comprehensive description of your career and projects makes you more visible across the website allowing others to find you easily when they're looking for an expert in a specific field, from a given country, with certain language skills, etc. Completing your information sends the relevant people to your profile and simplifies effective networking

Setting up your profile 

Setting up your profileis a crucial step. Once you're logged in, there are two ways to access it:

  • by clicking on your picture on the left side of the page (if there isn't a picture yet it's a grey circle), where you see a summary of your profile. "
  • by using the dropdown menu at the right side of the navigation bar at the top of the page, wherever you are on the site. Just click on your name or profile picture, and choose "See Profile".

Make sure that the information you provide is complete and accurate - that's how other Legalcluster users will be able to find you.  

Edit your profile by clicking on the "pencil" : 

Save all your changes by clicking on the disks : 

Introduction (the first big rectangle with your picture)

You can add your company, job title and the department you work in. Note: if your company has a profile on Legalcluster, its name in your profile will work as a link to that page!

Use your introduction to emphasize on your current projects, areas of interest or to shortly summarize your career: how many years of experience do you have? What are you passionate about? 

Be sure to add a professional profile picture to boost your recognition. 

Contact (on the right side of the page)

Add all your contact info so that other members can easily reach you. You can include phone numbers and an office address – the email you used to register will show up automatically. You can also provide a connection to your LinkedIn profile, for even simpler networking! 

Roles (just under contact) 

Just under your contact information, you can add more details about your role. Start by choosing the category that best describes your position. 

A list of functions in that category will then be available for you to choose from (on the basis of the category you chose, you will be able to add more details to your profile).
Eg. you are a legal professional: “Legal expertise” and “Bar admission” will remain open for you to fill out. If you chose one of the other categories – for example corporate executive, service provider or advisor, those profile sections will disappear from your profile, to make it clear and on point.  

Countries (under roles)
Let other users know in what countries you operate.
Click on "Add country" and then on the blank space that appears you can type the name yourself or choose it from the suggestions list.

Languages (under countries)

Let everyone know what languages you speak, so other Legalcluster users can contact you in a way that's comfortable for both parties.
To add one click on "Add language" and then on the blank space that appears  you can start typing the name or choose it directly from the list.  

Bar admissions (under languages)

If you’re a legal professional, you can add your bar admissions in the same way. 

Interpersonal skills (on the left under the introduction)

If you’re a legal expert, you can add up to five interpersonal skills that you consider your biggest assets. Choose them wisely, because those are going to be the dimensions on which you can ask you colleagues for evaluation with Legalscore

Legal expertise
You can choose up to three areas of expertise amnogst the 24 proposed.
Within each expertise you can choose any number of specializations from the list provided – just click on the corresponding blank field to browse the list. To add a new field, click “Add an area of expertise” button. 

Choose your expertise and speciality wisely – when you want to receive a Legalscore, your colleagues and partners will only be able to evaluate you based on what you have put in your profile! 

When you’re done entering your specializations, complete this section by adding corporate sectors of interest, so that viewers know which industries you work in.  

Experience, network and education (right under the previous section)

This final section in everyone’s profile regardless of their role detailing their experience, associations and education is very important!

To add a previous or current job, click on the “add experience” button. 

Write down your job title, then start typing your company name in the relevant blank field and choose it from the list.
NOTE: if that company has a profile on Legalcluster, your profile information will serve as a link to that page. If there's a company logo added, it will show here as well.
 If your company's name is missing from the list, you can add it yourself. 

Provide starting and ending dates. If you still work there, just tick the box "This is my current position". 

To add another experience, just click on the button “add experience”. It’s enough to save all information from this section just once, when you have already listed all relevant jobs.  

It should look something like this after you've saved:

Then, add details about associations and networks that you're a member of to further boost your recognition and reputation!

Include your position and starting-ending dates, unless you're still a member (tick the 'I am currently a member' box).

Adding information about your education works basically the same: 

Include the field in which you obtained the diploma and its level – bachelor’s, master’s. PhD, etc. Add the name of your university – start  typing the name and then choose it from the list and the year you graduated from the drop-down list (by clicking on the arrow).

Now save all and your profile is done !

Sharing your profile
When you're ready you can share your profile on social media. To get the link, just access your profile through network or publications (SAVE then go back to the home page > "view my publication" > "view profile" and finally copy the link from the address bar (https:)).

Important notice: if you want everyone who sees your social media post to be able to view your data, you need to set your privacy settings to Public.

In any other case, only users with permission (logged in users or people from your network, depending on the settings you choose) will be able to see your profile after clicking the link. In the post itself everyone will see the Legalcluster logo with a short description of our platform.

Your post may look something like this:

If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team using the chat box in the bottom right corner of the page. We'll be happy to help you!

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