How does Legalcluster secure user data?
All traffic between your browser and is encrypted, as is all traffic between your browser and Legalcluster workspaces.

Moreover, the Legalcluster platform is based on Microsoft Azure and Sharepoint cloud technology. These tools feature best-in-class security, backed up by the experienced team at Microsoft. 

What steps do Legalcluster employees take to avoid security breaches?
Our employees access key systems using strong passwords and Microsoft two-factor authentication. We use password managers, highly secure devices, physical office security measures, and locally-encrypted hard drives to ensure the most secure environment possible.  

How is cloud-based data protected by Azure?
Azure cloud platforms are equipped with top-of-the-line security features including built-in anti-virus and anti-spam features, sophisticated access controls for developers and clients, heavily-secured data storage facilities, constant friendly penetration testing, and remote data wiping. 

Data are secured both at rest and in transit. Data at rest are secured up to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-256. Azure additionally uses file-level encryption to ensure the protection of individual documents at rest. Data in transit between a user's system and Microsoft data centers and servers uses Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL), and data are also encrypted in transit between Microsoft storage centers. More information on Microsoft security practices can be found here

How does Legalcluster ensure secure payment processing?
Legalcluster uses Stripe for payment processing, which ensures that we do not store credit card or payment details for users. Stripe meets PCI Service Provider Service Requirements, and more information about their security can be found here.

I've found a vulnerability in How can I report it?
Any site vulnerabilities you find can be reported to Seville More Helory's vulnerability disclosure email address at

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